More than any two countries in the world, the U.S. and Canada make things together as integrated economic partners. The U.S. sells more goods to Canada than to any country - more than it sells to China, Japan and the UK combined.

That is why we believe that both countries must stand strong for a common cross-border manufacturing response as we tackle the COVID-19 public health crisis and help our shared economies rebuild and recover.

Specifically, we believe that our two countries must continue to work together on a collaborative manufacturing response to COVID-19, to achieve the following objectives:

 • Securing the availability of personal protection equipment (PPE) in both countries;

 • Designing Canada-US manufacturing solutions to replenish and maintain strategic stockpiles of medical equipment;

 • Continuing to ensure people and goods cross the border efficiently without interrupting our critical supply chains;

 • Expanding market opportunities between our two countries in order to spur recovery and compete globally.

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Maintaining an open and efficient supply chain through and beyond COVID-19 will save lives and help us in the fight against this pandemic. It will provide the infrastructure required for jumpstarting the economy to compete with other regions of the world in a rapidly-changing global economic environment.

We stand with a growing number of businesses, workers, and advocacy organizations to urge our governments and all American and Canadians to stand together in the global marketplace and meet our global competition head-on.


Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

Joe Reardon, President & CEO


Gwinnett Chamber & Partnership Gwinnett

Nick Masino


International Business Council, Illinois Chamber of Commerce

Laura Ortega, Executive Director


Innovative Medicines Canada

Pamela C. Fralick, President


Journey Freight International

Raman Klair, Carrier Relations Manager


Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce

Tom Torti, President


Lake Placid based Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism

James McKenna, Pres


Long Island Association

Kevin Law, President & CEO


Market Access International, Inc.

Diane Alleva Caceres, PhD


Medtech Canada

Brian Lewis, President


Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

John Woodward, Vice President, Global Commerce

Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

Michel Leblanc, President and CEO

Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Christopher Bosio, International Trade Manager


Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce

Bill Sisson, President & CEO


Morin Associates

Cathy Morin



Tiffany Melvin


National Association of Manufacturers

Jay Timmons, President & CEO

 National Bank of Canada

Louis Vachon, President and Chief Executive Officer


New England Canada Business Council

Jon F Sorenson, President


New Hampshire Canadian Trade Council

Senator Lou D’Allesandro, Chair


North Alabama International Trade Association

Anne Burkett, Executive Director


North Country Chamber of Commerce

Garry Douglas, President & CEO


Ohio-Canada Business Association

Dan Ujczo, President


Ontario Chamber of Commerce

Rocco Rossi, President & CEO


Ontario TIO in Chicago

Thomas Nally


Pacific Northwest Transportation Services

David Roberts


Peterbilt Pacific

Megan Studd


Precision ADM

Martin Lavoie


Quebec’s Federation of Chambers of Commerce

Charles Milliard, President & CEO


Spitzys Collectibles

Marlee Ponich


The Business Council of New York State, Inc

Heather C. Briccetti, President & CEO


The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Honourable Perrin Beatty, P.C., O.C., President & CEO


The Global Alliance Canada Org

and Businesses - flotte Verte

Madiha Rizvi, CEO | Founder | Chair


The Pendleton Group

Craig Lesser, Chairman


U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Neil Herrington, Senior Vice President for the Americas


Univesta Insurance

Patrice Pouliot


Vermont Chamber of Commerce

Christopher Carrigan, V.P. Business Development


Women In Trucking Association

Ellen Voie, President & CEO


Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Johns Hopkins University's Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

Christopher Sands


World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia

Linda Conlin

World Trade Center Utah

Nicole Sherwood, Director of Grants and Operations | STEP Project Director

Abbey Medical Supplies LTD

Wayne Dahl, GM

AmCham Canada

Richard Tachuk


American Chamber of Commerce in Quebec

Michel Belval, Président


American Seed Trade Association

Andrew LaVigne, President & CEO


Association of Equipment Manufacturers

Dennis J. Slater, President


Association of Oil Pipelines

Andrew Black, President & CEO



Andrew Casey, President & CEO


Border Policy Research Institute

Laurie Trautman


Business Council of Canada

Goldy Hyder, President & CEO



Helene V Gagnon


Sandip Lalli, President & CEO

Calgary Chamber of Commerce

California Chamber of Commerce

Susanne Stirling, Vice President - International


Canada/U.S. Business Association

Mark High, President


Canadian American Business Council

Maryscott Greenwood, CEO


Canadian Consulate - San Francisco

Yves Beaulieu


Canadian Food Exporters Association

Susan Powell, President & CEO


Canada Arizona Business Council

Glenn Williamson, Founder & CEO


Canada Florida Chamber of Commerce

Glenn Cooper


CanAm Border Trade Alliance

James D. Philips, President & CEO


Canadian Employee Relocation Council

Stephen Cryne


Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

Dennis Darby, President & CEO


Canadian Pharmacists Association

Glen Doucet, CEO


Cement Association of Canada

Michael McSweeney


Cobb Chamber

Dana Johnson, COO


Collins Aerospace

Guillaume Cote


Consumer Health Products Canada

Karen Proud, President



Gabe Batstone


Conway, Inc

Christopher Steele, VP Advisory


Council of the Great Lakes Region

Mark Fisher


Desjardins Group

Guy Cormier, President and CEO


Digital Health Institute for Transformation

Michael Levy, President


E&E Healthcare Solutions

Erich Richards


Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance

Toby Mack, President & CEO


Food & Consumer Products of Canada

Michael Graydon, CEO


Forsyth County Chamber

Alex Warner - Project Manager


Franklin County Industrial Development Agency

Jeremy Evans, CEO


Future Borders Coalition

Gerry Bruno, Executive Director and CEO


Government of Alberta

James Rajotte, Alberta's Senior Representative to the United States


Government of Ontario

Ian Todd, Ontario’s Representative in Washington, D.C.

Earl Provost, Ontario Agent General in Chicago, Illinois

Jag Badwall, Ontario Agent General in Dallas, Texas

Government of Quebec

Catherine Loubier,

Québec’s Delegate General in New York

Marie-Claude Francoeur, Quebec’s Delegate in Boston

Martine Hebert, Quebec’s Delegate in Chicago

Donald Leblanc, Quebec’s Delegate in Atlanta


"It is critical in times of crisis to ensure the maintenance of the Canada-US relationship. This means fighting back against protectionism, and buy-American and buy-Canadian. The Canadian American Business Council advocates for an open and efficient supply chain in both times of peace and crisis for the mutual benefit of our two countries."

 Maryscott Greenwood,

CEO of the Canadian American Business Council.

“Quebecers and Americans share a long history grounded in common values, ideals and interests. We make things and build prosperity together. And in today’s challenging times, it is more crucial than ever to fight protectionism, bolster supply chains and keep the border fluid in order to revive growth and ensure that our economic region remains one of the strongest and most competitive in the world.”

 Catherine Loubier,
Québec’s Delegate General in New York;

Marie-Claude Francoeur,
Quebec’s Delegate in Boston;

Martine Hebert
Quebec’s Delegate in Chicago

Donald Leblanc
Quebec’s Delegate in Atlanta

“The close economic partnership between Canada and the United States remains critical in the pandemic and will be even more so in our economic recovery. ‘We make things together’ is a common refrain that captures our close trade ties. Looking ahead, we must focus on ensuring the safety of health care and other essential workers, identifying a pathway to safely resume normal economic activity, and eliminating obstacles to the resumption of economic growth. We need to continue to align in how we identify critical industries and workers and avoid the emergence of new export restrictions and other trade barriers that would impede our pandemic response and recovery efforts. We need the Canada-U.S. partnership more than ever.”

Neil Herrington, Senior Vice President for the Americas, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


“The U.S. and Canada have a unique economic partnership that has moved beyond trade and is unlike any other. Together, we compete with greater effectiveness against the rest of the world. In the past, this special relationship has found itself automatically swept into responses to unfair trade or economic challenges involving other places. As we recover from this pandemic and reclaim economic leadership, it is crucial this not happen and that we instead move together.”

Garry Douglas, President/CEO of the North Country Chamber of Commerce


“The COVID-19 crisis is forcing businesses from all sectors to adapt their operations and the way they are doing business. One thing, however, that will not change is the importance of trade with the United States for the Quebec economy and the privileged ties that unite us. More than ever, it is by working closely together that we will strengthen our competitiveness on the continent and around the world. We have always been strong supporters of a competitive economic environment and we are pleased to add the voice of the FCCQ to this joint statement, which is important for our common prosperity and fostering economic recovery.”

Charles Milliard, President and CEO, Quebec’s Federation of Chambers of Commerce (FCCQ)


 “There has always been a need for a strong manufacturing supply chain between New York State and Canada. Now, more than ever the two markets need to work together to ensure the healthy and prosperous relationship stays strong as both economies start to recover from the abrupt disruption this global pandemic created.”

Heather C. Briccetti, President & CEO, The Business Council of New York State 


"Safe and efficient transportation for both people and goods across the Canada-US border is critical to the success of our new free trade deal and for travel and tourism for both countries. The Future Borders Coalition, which includes more than 60 bi-national organizations, has established a new Border Recovery Working Group (BRWG) to develop initiatives to ensure the protection of our supply chains and the safety of cross border travel. One example being considered is a “health pre-clearance” pilot project for air travel that could reduce the need for social distancing at airports and on-board aircraft, as well as the obligation to observe a 14-day quarantine upon arrival. The resulting framework is expected to provide guidance on how to mitigate risks in spaces where physical distancing is not feasible. Under a risk-managed environment, mandatory quarantines could also be reduced – or potentially eliminated – with screening and contact tracing technologies that can demonstrably limit the potential for spreading the COVID-19 virus for all modes of travel."

Gerry Bruno, Executive Director & CEO, Future Borders Coalition.


“The United States and Canada have the most unique economic trade relationship in the World.  The Canada–United States border, officially known as the International Boundary, is the longest un-militarized international border in the world between two countries. In New England, Canada continues to be our number one trading partner.  We believe this terrible crisis, will bring our two regions and our two countries even closer, trading goods and services with a friendly and trusted partner.  We support our two countries recovering and prospering together,”

Jon F Sorenson, President of the New England Canada Business Council


"The Vermont Chamber's work extends to Canada, and, in partnership with our neighbors to the North, we are leveraging our cross-border contacts to identify manufacturers with excess supply and who can aid in the production of personal protection equipment (PPE) to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, and in the aftermath of this crisis, we will be relying on our strong regional, international, cross-border supply-chain."

Christopher Carrigan, V.P. Business Development, Vermont Chamber of Commerce

"Vermont relies on a robust, integrated and accessible supply chain to support its robust manufacturing base. We are pleased to see that our state, and our partner states, are easing restrictions in accordance with the best scientific advice and principles available. We join with others in looking forward to our joint return to prosperity"

Tom Torti, President of the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce


“Now more than ever, the manufacturing partnership with our Canadian neighbors is a priority and most critical as we move beyond the Covid-19 crisis. The trade between such neighbors includes many necessities of life and is a lifeline to both countries. We join hands to support each other and ultimately becoming one in our success together”

Senator Lou D’Allesandro, Chair of the New Hampshire Canadian Trade Council


“Canada is an indispensable commercial partner for the State of Illinois that supports nearly 400,000 jobs through foreign direct investment and cross-border trade. It is our largest export market which totaled $17.73 billion in 2018, representing 27 percent of the state’s total goods exports. Our integrated supply-chains have realized over the years a significant advantage for Illinois companies’ competitiveness in the global market and led to joint innovation and prosperity.  Canada is also the most important US strategic alliance to protect our shared resources and confront global security challenges like the current pandemic. We must ensure that this collaboration continues to effectively respond to Covid-19 and revamp our economies”

Laura Ortega, Executive Director of the International Business Council, Illinois Chamber of Comme


"Ontario and the United States have a common history. Our geographic proximity, shared economic interests, and interconnected supply chains resulted in nearly USD $300 billion in two-way trade last year. If Ontario was a stand-alone country, we would be the United States' third largest trading partner. Working together is something that comes naturally to Ontario and the United States, and working together is how we can best ensure adequate availability of personal protection equipment for our citizens, both now through cooperative sourcing and moving forward through shared manufacturing solutions. As the current health crisis reshapes our world, it is vital that the United States and Canada commit to fighting protectionism and promote the free flow of goods and people across our shared border."

Ian Todd, Ontario’s Representative in Washington, D.C.,

Earl Provost, Ontario Agent General in Chicago, Illinois,

Jag Badwall, Ontario Agent General in Dallas, Texas


“The Canada-US relationship is critical for economic recovery, particularly for the province of Ontario. Ontario is the number one trading partner with 19 states and the second largest trading partner with nine others. With two-way trade between Ontario and the US totalling CAD$390 billion in 2018, fostering an environment that encourages collaboration, particularly with close allies and trading partners, can help stabilize the economy and safeguard public health. We cannot afford to compromise international supply chains during this crisis and beyond.”

Rocco Rossi, President and CEO, Ontario Chamber of Commerce


"The Ohio-Canada relationship is the heart of the Great Lakes Region, which, in turn, is the center of the world’s largest economic hub. As we move toward business resumption, recovery and resiliency, companies require the infrastructure, innovation and investment that comes from integrated solutions.  In short, it is time for the goodwill and common sense that only shared Canada-US solutions can provide."

Dan Ujczo, President, Ohio-Canada Business Association


“Pipelines cross the U.S.-Canada border connecting North American families, workers and businesses to vital supplies of natural gas, crude oil, and refined petroleum products.  Keeping the border open for the movement of parts and workers operating, maintaining, and constructing energy pipelines will help our economies both now in these difficult times and later as we recover and restart."

Andrew Black, President & CEO, Association of Oil Pipelines


"Nearly two-thirds of Canada’s exports are manufactured goods, and more than 80 percent of these exports go to our CUSMA partners. Much of this trade is due to the deep integration of manufacturing operations across the North America. This integration has created a unique relationship for our countries; we do not simply trade goods with each other, we build things together, we innovate together, and we compete together against the rest of the world. It is critical North America maintains the integrity of those supply chains so manufacturers can continue their essential contribution to the fight against COVID-19."

Dennis Darby, President & CEO of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters


“Canada and the United States have long been friends, allies and partners in business. Particularly during the current pandemic, our shared border must not become a barrier to collaboration but remain a meeting place. The citizens of both our countries are stronger when we are together.”

Honourable Perrin Beatty, P.C., O.C., President & CEO, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce


“While the U.S. and Canada are two distinct sovereign nations, we are bound together for centuries in too many ways to count. U.S. and Canada social and positive economic qualities of life have individually and jointly benefited in large measure. Especially in difficult and challenging situations, our future opportunities and achievements depend on our continued positive relationship and a cooperative fluid shared Canada/U.S. land border.”

James D. Philips, President & CEO, Canadian/American Border Trade Alliance


"The Canada-US relationship is unique, extraordinary and singular among the countries of the world. We must never become complacent and unappreciative of the historic bond between our two great nations. The world has changed in the last 90 days.  Now is the time for us to strengthen our ties to each other.  Let’s stop the negative rhetoric. We must be bolder, more creative and wildly innovative in order to grow stronger, together, in the post COVID world."

Glenn Williamson, Founder & CEO, Canada Arizona Business Council


 “The challenges our drivers are facing today are extreme, while the need for transportation in North America increases.  The need for a comprehensive plan for cross-border transit has never been greater to ensure our driver’s safety as well as their productivity.  The Women In Trucking Association supports the need to reduce unnecessary delays, especially those imposed by our respective governments and supports a collaborative effort between our countries."

Ellen Voie, President & CEO, Women In Trucking Association


“A seamless network of energy infrastructure connects American and Canadian consumers and businesses to vital energy resources travelling in both directions. This keeps our North American communities warm in winter and cool in summer, and our businesses and factories humming with economical power that gives our consumers an enviable standard of living and our products and services competitive advantage in the global marketplace. An open border is critical to building, maintaining and operating this critical asset as our economies regain their robust growth.”

Toby Mack, President & CEO, Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance


“Trade between the U.S. and Canada helps create jobs, boost economic growth, and better the lives of men and women in both nations. It is to our mutual benefit to continue fostering this robust relationship, leaving our supply chains open and unfettered during and post-pandemic. Together we are stronger.”

Joe Reardon, President and CEO, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce


“Canada and the U.S. are two of the world’s strongest trading partners and this pandemic has underscored the necessity to continue to enhance the longstanding relationship between our two nations for the health and economic benefits to citizens on both sides of our border. Medical Technology companies in both countries rely on the free flow of materials needed to make the medical supplies and technologies that save lives and ensure that the doctors, nurses and other health care heroes on the front lines are equipped with everything they need to stay safe while providing care.”

Brian Lewis, President, Medtech Canada


 "Now more than ever cross-border cooperation and coordination is critical to both addressing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring a strong economic recovery. A secure and efficient flow of goods across the border is vital for job creation and our future economic growth. We must continue to work together to keep trade open, strengthen supply chains and enhance competitiveness."

Goldy Hyder, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Business Council of Canada


“The Canada-US economic partnership has historically been a foundational element of the economies of both nations.  The connectivity of our markets and access to capital and talent have made both economies stronger and more globally competitive.  The economic, social and health impact of the COVID-19 crisis has only increased the urgency and importance of maintaining the efficiency, effectiveness and security of this partnership.  Effectively maintaining existing supply chains and continuing to exchange science and ideas will prove to be critical to Canada’s and the United States’ ability to successfully work through the immediate health and economic challenge and jump-start the recovery for both nations over the period ahead.”

Andrew Casey, President & CEO, BIOTECanada


"The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt the families, economies and manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada. As we face these new challenges, it is vital we maintain cross-border trade and investment to keep essential industries afloat. Supply chain disruptions have been seen across every sector. Trade across the border with our Canadian neighbor is now more important than ever as our nation requires the movement of equipment, food, medical supplies, and other necessary items."

Dennis J. Slater, President, Association of Equipment Manufacturers


"Continued free trade between Alberta and the United States is integral to furthering our shared economic prosperity. In 2019 alone, Alberta’s two-way, cross-border trade with the U.S. was valued at approximately CAD $122 billion. With Alberta providing 47% of U.S. crude oil imports, our trading relationship is also a vital component of enhancing North American energy security. Let us come together as friends and neighbours during this critical period of economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and strengthen our trade relationship to enhance North American competitiveness globally."

James Rajotte, Alberta’s Senior Representative to the United States


"Alabama and Canada have benefited from a long-standing, strong trading relationship. As Alabama’s port city, Mobile and Canada have export and FDI ties. Canada consistently falls in Mobile’s top export markets and Mobile is home to Canadian company Canfor’s U.S. headquarters and Airbus’ second A220 production site outside of Mirabel, Quebec. Now is the time for these ties to be strengthened and our partnerships to be solidified. Ensuring a collaborative open border for our businesses, workers, consumers and travelers makes us stronger together in the global marketplace."

Bill Sisson, President & CEO, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce


"Efficient and open supply chain channels between the US and Canada are a necessary economic, political and strategic priority now and in the future."

Nick Masino, Gwinnett Chamber & Partnership Gwinnett


"With $8 billion in bilateral trade annually between Canada and Florida, a Canadian real estate portfolio in Florida of $53 billion, and 500 Canadian companies employing 43,000 Floridians, Canada is by many measures Florida's most important trade and economic partner, and a great friend to Florida.  Therefore, the Canada Florida Chamber of Commerce strongly supports the North American Rebound."

Glenn Cooper, Canada Florida Chamber of Commerce


"Now more than ever, it's critical to allow the free flow of goods and personnel necessary to support the biomedical science community. American and Canadian innovation has led to discoveries like a vaccine against polio and the discovery of insulin. Let's not have this innovation stop with COVID-19, and allow scientists to lend their hand creating the cures for tomorrow."

Paul Belmonte, Ph.D., Mayo Clinic


"With shared values, a long history of cooperation and over $2.4 billion in trade every day, Canada and the US have a relationship unlike any other. Our 2 countries have an integrated supply chain that helps us enrich the lives of our people and communities. In these challenging times, it’s critical that we keep trade flowing freely to help the economy bounce back strong."

Guy Cormier, President and CEO of Desjardins Group


"Canada and the U.S have shared and exchanged products, services, expertise and much more for a very long time. Our integrated supply chain will be a key differentiator in the years to come, as commercial relationships around the world are redefined by health, technology or other considerations.”

Louis Vachon, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Bank of Canada

"The strong economic partnership already in place between the Atlanta region and Canada only grows in importance as both work together to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis."

John Woodward, Vice President, Global Commerce, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

"California and Canada are long-time friends and partners in areas ranging from trade, investment, academic and scientific collaboration, and tourism. The California Chamber of Commerce enthusiastically supports free trade worldwide, expansion of international trade and investment, fair and equitable market access for products, and elimination of disincentives that impede the international competitiveness of business. During this worldwide pandemic, North America must stand together to further strengthen our economic ties and enhance opportunities to ensure continued growth and job creation."

Susanne Stirling, Vice President - International, California Chamber of Commerce

“Canada-U.S. trade greatly affects the economies of both countries, and as Quebec’s economic powerhouse, Montréal plays a key role in that trade. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of maintaining the North American supply chain and the smooth flow of trade. The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal has aided SMEs in their activities on the American market for almost 30 years. We support the North American Rebound campaign, which aims to respond to the emergency caused by the health crisis, help the companies affected by the economic crisis and stimulate economic recovery in both countries.”

Michel Leblanc, President and CEO, Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

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